Steve Coe's EK2 4 speed GTX


Steve Coe owns this nice original 4 speed 440-4bbl. GTX with the EK2 high impact paint.  After it was built on Dec. 17, 1969, it was shipped to Anchorage, AK, where a serviceman bought it.  From there the car went to Colorado and was raced.  It was there the original block met "its maker".  After going to California in the early 90's, the car ended up in MA, where it was raced briefly.  A friend of Steve's bought it and did a light resto on it.  He added the go-wing and did a quick rebuild of the 440.  When Steve bought the car he added the woodgrain steering wheel, pedal dress-up and a brand new 6bbl. setup from Mancini.  Steve also changed the cam, and installed a Centerforce clutch.  As you can imagine, when Steve takes his GTX out for a spin, it's definitely a head turner.

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