Third 999 paint code 1970 GTX discovered

It was the first part of January 2014 I received a phone call from Frank Sgambati of New Jersey. He was interested in my EA4 silver GTX. During the conversation Frank mentioned he had also owned an EA4 1970 GTX. My first thought was that he might be the original owner of my car but then he said his was an automatic with factory A/C. He said he still had old photos of the GTX and would email me some. (See 4 photos below.) He said he had a buddy with an EA4 1969 GTX and had his EA4 1970 GTX side by side in several photos. He also had the vin of his GTX which is RS23U0G231533. His GTX was built at the St. Louis plant on May 27,1969 while mine was built at the same plant but on the 5th of May. Frank's GTX was fairly highly optioned with factory A/C, clock/tac, AM/8 track, pedal dress up, power disc brakes, light package which included the hood mounted turn signals, woodgrain steering wheel, floor console. Like my 4 speed EA4 GTX, Frank's had the black vinyl top with black bucket seat interior, black reflective side stripe and the flat black hood performance paint. Frank shared that he paid $4,500 for the car new in 1970 and then sold it, still in pristine condition, in 1973 to a guy in Bayonne, NJ for $2,900. Frank is interested to know if this rare GTX is still alive. If anyone has info on the GTX please contact me, Roger Wilson at 712-873-3722 or email at: Of the 1127 1970 GTXs documented currently in the 1970 GTX registry, this makes a total of only three 999 paint code 1970 GTXs known to have been made. In 1969 EA4 silver metallic was available on the Roadrunner and GTX models, however in 1970 that color was only available on a Fury, therefore any 1970 cars that were not Furys painted this color were coded 999, meaning a special order color. Frank thinks he has this GTX's original window sticker laying around but has yet to find it. Hopefully he will and this will add more documentation on this 999 paint code 1970 GTX.

Frank's EA4 1970 GTX beside his friend's EA4 1969 GTX

another view of Frank's 1970 GTX and his friend's 1969 GTX

Frank checking the radiator fluid level on his 999 paint code GTX sometime between 1970 and 1973

interior photo of Frank's 1970 EA4 silver GTX


January 2014