Custom 1:18 GTX models

I am offering to build a custom 1/18th scale model of your car using GMP models. At this time only 1970 GTXs
that are black-TX9, white-EW1, beige-BL1, blue-EB5, red=FE5, olive greens-EF8 and burnt orange-FK5 body color can be made. I can make both automatic and 4 speeds, with or without floor consoles as well as the column shift automatic versions. Interiors are limited to black, white, blue, burnt orange or tan bucket seat interiors. Airgrabber hoods are available in most colors. 14" Road wheels or Ralleyes are available with limited numbers of blue or black rims with dogdish hubcaps. 440-4bbl engines with the dual snorkel aircleaner, 440-6bbl, and the 426 Hemi engines are available. Side sport stripe colors available are black, white or gold. Models start at $250 plus shipping costs. If you have a model already but just need some parts interchanged the price is less. If you have a broken piece, I may be able to help you with an unbroken replacement part.

A limited number of 1970 Roadrunner 1/18th scale models using GMP models are also available in hardtop and convertible styles only. Hardtops are available in black-TX9, sassy green-FJ6, moulon rouge-FM3, vitamin C-EK2, limelight-FJ5 and very limited cars in EB3 and FC7. Bucket seat interiors and limited black bench interiors available. Engine choices are 383-4bbl with dual snorkel aircleaner, 440-6 or 426 hemi. Price is based on availablity of parts and models.

Convertible body colors are lemon twist-FY1, blue fire metallic-EB5, black-TX9 with blue, black or white bench seat interiors. Engine choices are 383-4bbl with dual snorkel aircleaner, 440-6 or 426 hemi. Transmissions are automatic or 4 speed. Price is based on availablity of parts and models.

Please email me at: with your model requests. Check out the two GMP pages on my website for a list of features on these highly detailed models as well as pictures of the models. As of Oct. 2013 hood pins are now available on these models at extra cost.


Examples below of models already made- all are identical to the owner's real GTX.
click on each picture to see a bigger version of the picture

Chip's black GTX with blue interior


Bob's column shift automatic with white interior


Darwin's unique black GTX with white vinyl top and interior


Roger's Hemi automatic GTX with black interior


Gary's FE5 4 speed with black vinyl top

David's column shift 4bbl automatic FK5 exterior/interior


Joe's EB5 w/black interior, side stripe & vinyl top


Roger's EW1 440-6bbl 4 speed w/ EF8 interior

Dave's 440-6bbl automatic EV2 Roadrunner


Nick's BL1 6bbl automatic GTX w/tan interior


Justin's FK5 4bbl w/go-wing and airgrabber hood


Rusty's EW1 4bbl w/white interior auto console

custom built beige '70 GTX with blown hemi


Justin's EV2 4 speed with center buddy seat and go-wing

Donnie's TX9 440-4bbl 4 speed with rare burnt orange interior

Triple ivy green EF8 440-4bbl 4 speed with rare gold side stripe


Tom B's triple TX9 black 440-6bbl automatic with airgrabber hood