Nick Pieramico's FK5 4 speed GTX


Nick Pieramico of Rochester, NY owns this rare FK5 4-speed, bench seat optioned GTX with white vinyl top and matching numbers 440-6bbl engine.  It is one of only 350 6bbl. 4-speed GTX's made in 1970.  Other options include power steering, AM/8 track radio with front 3 speaker dash, and hood performance paint.  Having the bench seat instead of the standard bucket seats makes this car pretty unique.  Of the 7141 GTX's made in 1970, only 478 GTX's were ordered with the optional split bench seat, and of those only 107 came with in burnt orange color.  The car came with the standard power bulge hood and manual brakes.  In 1989, Nick purchased the car in Long Island, NY as a rust bucket.  Ten years later, restoration was started and it turned out wonderfully.  It is now a show car that gets proudly driven about once a week.  
(featured from 10-18-01 to 11-25-01)

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