Ivan Kron's FE5 6bbl. 4 speed GTX



Ivan Kron of Florida is the proud owner of this rare bright red FE5  440+6bbl. 4 speed GTX.  With only 77,000 miles on the GTX's odometer and its many options,  this is a very desirable musclecar.  The car was ordered new from Yanda Motors in Wisconsin as a Y14 sold car, meaning it was special ordered by the owner.  Among the many options ordered on the car included the console 4 speed, track pac (3.54 Dana), power disk brakes, power steering, left and right outside door mirrors, hood pins, tic-toc-tac, airgrabber hood, AM/8 track radio, factory undercoating, door edge guard moldings, light package, and black vinyl top.  What makes this 6bbl. GTX more rare than being one of the only 350 built for 1970 is the white bucket seat interior.  The car is well documented with the original buildsheet and window sticker.                             (11-25 to 12-26-01)

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