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 This beautiful GTX is owned by Mats-Ove Tallroth's girlfriend of 9 years, Eva.  They both reside in Sweden.  Yes, you read that right, this car roams the streets in the country of Sweden.  Mats and Eva just got through restoring this car back to original specs after if had been painted in red with custom white accents for many years.  Here's the GTX's story as Mats wrote it to me:

      This story is about a 1970 Plymouth GTX, factory equipped with 440-6bbl. engine, 4 speed transmission, and Dana 60 rear end.  It was ordered with FK5 Deep Burnt Orange metallic paint and Gator grain vinyl top.  It also came with the Airgrabber hood, console, black hood performance paint and black reflective side stripes.

     According to Tommy, the guy who brought the car to Sweden, the first owner was a young man, son to the owner of a gas station at Jasper Avenue in Bronx, NY.  It was back in 1974 and the GTX had been setting for some time beside the gas station.  It was almost competely covered by leaves and bushes, but Tommy had seen the GTX several times as he passed the gas station.  One day the 1972 Nova Tommy and his friends had bought broke down close to the gas station (the Nova was shipped to Sweden and stayed in my hometown of Sala for 25 years).   While at the gas station, they asked about the ownership of the GTX, and he told them it belonged to his son and that the car was for sale.   He brought out a battery and the six-pack engine was soon pulled back to life again.  Tommy remembers that when the Airgrabber hood was opened, leaves were blowing all over the vehicle.  He also remembers that the car was very nice and complete with only some sun-shaded spots.

     Tommy shipped the car to Sweden, and it was sold to one guy, Anders in Vasteras.  26 years and 11 owners later the <60K miles GTX came in our possession.  It was custom painted bright red with white accents back in the 70's and some tune up's were done to the engine, but the car was still in good overall condition and quite complete.  Despite all former owners, it was still a matching numbers car with its original engine, gearbox, and 3.54 Dana intact.

     Almost immediately we started to dissemble the car.  During the winter season of 2000/2001, the bottom part of the engine was rebuilt, some bearings were exchanged in the gearbox, the car was repainted back to the correct FK5 and some missing parts were traced down and installed.  Note: go to Mats and Eva's website at: to see some pictures of the restoration and what it looked like in the red and white paint scheme.

     During the the winter of 2001/2002 we continued the restoration by rebuilding the heads, putting back the power steering and cast iron manifolds, original exhaust system, camshaft, and the original radio and face plate were installed.

     Our efforts were rewarded at the Swedish Mopar Meet in Bergby 2002 by winning the People's choice/ first prize in the B-body class.                           (6-28-02)


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