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Editor's note: Brian Moceri of MI owns this nice black on black 4 speed GTX. Check out his website at: for more information.

Brian lives just north of the Motor City in St. Clair Shores, MI.  He is no stranger to Mopars, having owned many over the years.  This triple black 1970 GTX 4 speed has been part of his life since 1996.  What Brian does have is one of only 278  1970 GTXs painted the "black velvet" color.  A plus is this car was ordered with the Hemi 4 speed and console mounted pistol grip shifter which allowed the power to go back to the Dana 60.  4:10 gears now reside where there once were factory 3.54 gears.  The rear go-wing was a nice add on by a previous owner.  When he bought the car it needed more work than he realized.  Almost every emblem and molding pieces on the car needed replacing. Many of the moldings were missing and some Brian is still looking for.   The interior, which featured black high back bucket seats, needed refinishing also.  A plus was the almost rust-free under carriage.  The +20 year old paint will soon give way to a new repaint back to the original black color.  This 1970 GTX came with the sport stripe deleted but maybe added later.  A special thanks goes to Brian's brother Eric for his help in rebuilding the 440-4bbl motor and helping to re-install it.  The following are some of the upgrades: 440 +.030 TRW forged pistons, an Edelbrock aluminum Performer heads shaved to 78 cc giving the engine 10.4 to 1 compression.  A Holley Street Dominator single plain intake is topped with a Proform 750 cfm dp carb.  An Engles split duration/life hydraulic cam was installed.  Hooker Super Comp 1 7/8" headers replace the original exhaust manifolds and dump into 2 1/2" exhaust to the rear.  A complete MSD ignition is used with a MSD digital 6 ignition controller, MSD billet distributor, MSD Blaster2 coil, and MSD 8.5 mm plug wires.   Brian hopes to update the exhaust with TTI 1 7/8" headers exiting through 3" pipes.  A Keisler 5 speed transmission may replace the 18 spline 833 transmission, using a Mcleod dual disc clutch, if money permits.  A tic-toc-tac may soon be installed into the dash opening as surprisely the car was not optioned with one from the factory.  The basic AM radio has been upgraded so Brian now has FM stereo.  Brian recently tested his car on a Dynojet Chassis Dyno and discovered the engine produced a best of 415 wheel HP at 5800 rmp and 430 ft lbs. tork at 4600 rpm.  The air to fuel ratio held around 12.8 to 13.0.  Check out his website for more details.  Like a number of other Mopar car owners, Brian found an incorrect buildsheet in the back seat of his car, so he is hoping sometime, somewhere, someone will find his sheet in their car and reunite it to him.                               (11-16-02)


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