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Fred Gilmore of Kansas owns this nice Ivy Green Metallic (EF8) colored 1970 GTX with gator grain vinyl top. Ivy Green Metallic body paint was a fairly popular color with about 10% of all 1970 GTXs being ordered with that color.  However, only 200 of all the 1970 GTXs built came with gator grain vinyl top.   Fred bought the car in November of 2001 from a guy in Milan, MI.  About 10 years earlier, in the fall/winter of 1991, the car had been repainted. .  In October of 2001, Fred read a post on about  triple green cars.  The owner of this car had  replied to the post that he had a triple green 1970 GTX and it was for sale.  Fred then contacted the man and made the deal over the phone.  In November, Fred drove to Milan to pick up the car.  It was in about as many pieces as a car could be.  The parts that came with the car were either stacked in the car or in a number of cardboard boxes.   The car and the pieces were loaded in the trailer and Fred headed back to Kansas.  Once home, Fred went through the many boxes of parts to get a good idea of what parts he needed to be looking for, which turned out to be quite a few.  The interior on the car is completely new from Legendary Auto Interiors.  The bumpers were sent off to Tri City Plating in Tennessee to be rechromed and the instrument cluster went off to Performance Car Graphics in Tallassee, FL.  Fred said he didn't get much done with the car over the summer of 2002 because of time constraints, but in November 2002, the reassembly of the car began in earnest.  This GTX originally came with the standard 727 automatic transmission and  440-4bbl however it didn't have the numbers matching motor so Fred decided to install the Hemi motor and transmission out of his 1970 Hemi Challenger into the GTX's big engine bay.  Fred has built this 1970 GTX to be driven and is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming summer of car shows.  Now that this project is about done, Fred is going to start giving the Challenger some much needed attention.


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Past Car's of the Month

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Frank Forest's FK5 6bbl. 4 speed GTX

Chris Lobascio's EB5 automatic 440-6bbl. GTX
Mike Doddo's 440+6bbl. 4 speed GTX
Russ Carpenter's EB7 4bbl. 4 speed GTX
Ivan Kron's FE5 6bbl. 4 speed GTX
Nick Pieramico's FK5 6bbl. 4 speed GTX
Chuck Brunell's FJ5 GTX
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