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This month's feature car is owned by Steve Lester of Virginia.   As you can see by the pictures above, Steve has completely restored this EV2 painted 4bbl GTX down to immaculate detail.  The following is information on Steve's 1970 GTX in his own words.

Steve writes: "I was working at a Chevrolet dealership in Radford, VA in 1980 when a friend and I were talking about muscle cars.  My friend commented that he knew of a tor-red 1970 GTX with 440-4bbl that a guy was going to sell because his wife and he were going to divorce (and the car was her's).  I found that very interesting.  I'm not sure if he needed the money for the divorce, or maybe he didn't want her to keep the car.   All that mattered to me is that I had to have the GTX, so I bought it.   Who said divorce is a bad thing?  It was perfect. It's the first thing I actually did right, a mere 20 years old at that time. 

I have the documentation that shows the car was sold new in Martinsville, VA to a woman..   Yes, I said a woman bought this GTX new.  When I bought the car it had 64,000 miles on the odometer.   After purchasing the car, I took the car and drove her on the street with a weekend race or two; as often as someone would say "you wanna run"?    This car had  many of the original assembly lines parts when I bought it, like paint, matching numbers engine, transmission, 8 3/4" rearend, all the interior, radio, and dual snorkel air cleaner were all intact, not even one added chrome piece on this GTX, except for the Keystone mags.  All the little date coded parts were 99% intact, and get this, even the factory date coded starter was still on this car and still worked!  Has anybody seen a Chrysler starter last over 30 years and 78,000 miles?  I have!  The alternator is the original, too.   I repainted the car 15 years ago and started putting her all stock including decals and correct plating, and even the special muffler clamps.  This GTX is just she came from the showroom except for a few items that I added like: tic-toc-tac, right outside door mirror, AM/FM radio, and the road wheels.  I still have the wheel covers and steel wheels that is coded for this car.  My GTX has only 79,000 actual miles now and has always been garaged since I took ownership.  The interior includes black high back bucket seats, column shift automatic, and EV2 "tor-red" paint on the sheet metal.  I have done this complete restoration over many years and if I can find them, I always buy NOS parts!!!  Always!  The only way to look good.

My GTX has won "Best Plymouth" at the Roanoke Valley Mopar Show in 2000, and "Best of Show" at Bristol's 3rd annual "Mopar Mania" in 2002, and several more "Best in Class" at local shows.

Thanks for looking"                                                                                           (July 2003)


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