Car of the Month

Eric Andersen’s EB5 4 speed 1970 GTX

The feature GTX now is a 1970 440-4bbl 4 speed GTX  owned by Eric Andersen.  It is one of 82 EB5 medium blue GTXs in the registry.  Of those 82, 58 came with the “hemi” 4 speed 18 spline manual transmission.  Of the total of 82 in the registry only 28 were ordered with the white reflective side stripe.  Only 4 of the 58 4 speed GTX came with the black vinyl top, charcoal bucket seat interior, and AM radio.  All 4 of these cars came with the A33 3.54 geared Dana 60.   Eric’s is the only one of the 4 that had power disc brakes and C21 center buddy seat.

Eric said he bought this 1970 GTX as a project in April 2013.  He believes the car was originally ordered from Bayshore Chrysler Plymouth in Millbrae, CA, and was built at the LA plant October 8, 1969.  An earlier, long time owner of this GTX started the restoration, however after spending a lot of money at the first shop and not getting much work done, it was taken to shop #2 where it was torn down, the body was stripped and put on a rotisserie.  There the center of the trunk floor was replaced.  Unfortunately, not long after that the owner stopped the restoration and told the shop to make it a roller with the drive train installed and the rest of the parts placed in plastic totes or piled in the car.  Around this time Eric purchased the GTX.  He had a friend, Dave Mortensen did most of the restoration and assembly with Eric helping out.  Eric believes this car spend most of its life out West as the suspension and undercarriage parts were super clean and not pitted at all.  The body was also in very good condition.  The drive train is the original to the car as were most of the other parts.  The only parts Eric needed to locate were the carb, starter, distributor and brake booster.


The interior has a lot of original parts including the dash pad, all the woodgrain trim, door panels, rear seat, buddy seat and pistol grip shifter.   Whoever ordered the car, picked out a lot of nice options including power steering, front power disc brakes, 3.54 geared Dana 60 rearend with the 18 spline 4 speed transmission, center buddy seat, 15” ralleye rims, airgrabber hood, light package which included the hood mounted turn signals, tic-toc-tach, 6 way manual adjustable front driver’s seat, tinted glass, AM radio, black vinyl top and white reflective side stripe.   Eric did add chrome exhaust tips to his car even though this car, sold in CA, had to have the turn down exhaust pipes.  Eric stated all 6bbl and hemi cars in California had to have the N97 noise reduction package on them, therefore they had to have the turndown pipes installed instead of the chrome exhaust tips. 

May 2019

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