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This month's feature car is owned by Joe Petrungaro.  Joe writes that he purchased the this GTX in 1997.   It needed some work to get it to where it is today.  It has a 440 power plant that has been punched .030 over, has a Demon 850 carb, J & E pistons, Eagle rods, Comp Cams cam with .505 lift, and Edelbrock Aluminum heads.  Backing up this engine is a 727 automatic transmission with manual reverse valve body, Cheetah shifter and an 8 3/4" rear end with 4:10 gears.  The interior is all new from Legendary Interiors with the exception of the back seat and console.  Joe built the car to race and have some fun with but admits he now "kind of likes to just drive around town".  He had the GTX repainted about 5 years ago back to its original FC7 Plumcrazy purple color and installed a new vinyl top.   The car features the much desired N96 airgrabber hood and the rear go-wing.  Joe put on new Weld Draglines  with MT slicks and front runners.  The engine exhausts out through Flowmaster mufflers via a dual exhaust system.  Joe says he took the GTX to the drag strip and had a best time of 12.22 @ 109 mph through the exhaust.   Joe claims this car is not a show car but says, "I sure get a whole lot of thumbs up whenever I go cruisin'."

Nov. 2004

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