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I saw this nicely restored Rallye red GTX at the Shakopee, MN show in June 2004.  Owner Darren Phiipp of MN was nice enough to let me photograph and feature his car for "car of the month".  This is one of only 543 1970 GTXs painted the FE5 Rallye red color.  This car is unique also because it is one of only 264 with the optional black cloth and vinyl split bench seat interior.   Other factory options ordered with this car are the light package, front power disk brakes, clock/tach, airgrabber hood, AM radio, and flat black hood performance paint.   The car was ordered with the black side sport stripe, also.  Here is Darren's story of his car:

In 1991 I was at my present job and a friend told about his brother-in-laws Plymouth, saying it was orange with a white interior; a 383 Roadrunner or something like that, he said.  I ignored him, but after about the fifth time of hearing his story I asked if it was for sale.  When he said, "yes", I said, "Let's go see it".  Well, I was surprised to find a 1970 GTX.  It was red, not orange.  It had black seats with the factory cloth inserts.  I bought the car, not realizing that the car needed almost everything rebuilt or replaced except the matching numbers driveline.  I bought a welder, then ordered quarter panels, rocker panels and trunk floor.  I found good front fenders and  a door.  I replaced everything that looked bad with new metal.    I have not gotten around to getting factory wheels, as you can see, but I enjoy the aftermarket wheels for now.   I have driven this car about 30,000 miles since the restoration was finished.  The car has won some trophies and gets a lot of compliments.  The interested thing with this car is the fact that when I was around 12 years old, the owner of this GTX wanted to trade my brother for a 1969 Roadrunner.   My brother declined the offer but always talked about this GTX.  I never thought I would end up with the car 12 years later.  Later I learned the original owner  lived in the same town I do.  I discovered the week after he bought the car he put aftermarket aluminum wheels on it, replacing the plain factory steel rims.   I have some pictures dated July 1970, the time he switched rims.  (See picture below)                                                                                                                     

Oct. 2004

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