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This month's feature car is a Lynch Road plant built 1970 GTX owned by Barry Funk of Canada. Here is his story on the car.

My first muscle car back in the 70's was a 1970 Dodge Challenger which led to a lifetime love of Mopars. A friend of mine in southern Manitoba, Canada, can be credited with steering me onto this 1970 burnt orange metallic GTX. This car was totally restored by Harvey Bergen of Altona, Manitoba. Harvey is turning 80 years of age this year (2010) and this was his fifth complete restoration. The reason for selling? He is completing his sixth project-a 1973 Dodge Challenger.

Restoring my GTX began in 2001 and was completed in 2005, after a +3000 hour rotisserie restoration. Two GTXs were used to make this one with the emphasis being on restoring the car to as close to 100% as per factory original as possible. With the exception of a few minor additions or changes like the interior color combination, all parts and options are date coded correct for a 1970 GTX.

Some of the car's features include the standard 440-4bbl HP engine backed by a 727 automatic transmission. Options include power steering, power front disk brakes, cruise control, AM solid state radio, pedal dress-up, floor mounted console for the automatic trans, black vinyl roof and 14" Road wheels with trim rings.

The 440-4bbl engine was professionally rebuilt by Millar Racing Engines of Winkler, Manibota. The original compression ration of 9.7:1 was lowered to 9.1:1 to enable the car to run on unleaded pump gas. Instead of the original Carter AVS carb, it was replaced with a 750 Edelbrock carb. To compensate for the lower compression, a mild performance cam was installed resulting in a very powerful sound not to mention incredible performance with the HD 727 Torqueflight transmission and the 3.23 sure grip differential.

This car has won numerous awards at car shows including World of Wheels, and one of western Canada's larger car shows, the Parksville Show N'Shine on Vancouver Island.

After purchasing this GTX, my wife and I drove the car halfway across Canada to our home on the West Coast. What an incredible trip, like going back in time. It was impossible to stop for gas (and we did that frequently) without being approached by car enthusiasts of all ages. The GTX now has been driven +7,000 miles since the restoration was complete and it continues to turn heads everywhere it goes. It's an absolute pleasure to drive!

March 2010

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