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John Borzych’s 1970 GTX “Car of the Month”

This month’s feature 1970 GTX is owned by John Borzych of Indiana. John has owned this early built 1970 GTX soon after it was “born” August 6th 1969 at the St. Louis assembly plant. John’s GTX was actually stolen early in its life. When John bought the GTX in March 1970 from an insurance salvage yard it had 8,000 miles on it. Now this limelight colored GTX has just a little more than 8,000 miles registering on the odometer as John has used it on the drag strip most of its life. John’s GTX is one of 478 1970 GTXs painted the FJ5 code-limelight. This was one of the “high-impact” colors for 1970 and cost the owner an extra $14 more over the cost of the “normal” available colors. Charcoal colored high back bucket seats with a floor console automatic shifter and AM radio are found in the interior while a black vinyl top, hood pins, black hood performance treatment and a white side sport stripe finished out the exterior of this GTX. John’s GTX can be found on the website: on page 5 of the picture gallery. The top picture on this page is the same picture and shows John leaving the line at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL. John writes that prior to using CalTracs his best run was 10.435 at 128.65 mph. Then he bought the package of CalTracs, Rancho shocks and monoleafs through Nick Wilson’s Compu-Flow. Immediately it started bringing the GTX front wheels off the ground and it was running a lot faster. John’s best now is 10.140 at 130.05 mph. He picked up over a tenth in 60 feet and over two-tenths in the first 330 feet. He thinks this setup is by far the “best bang for my buck” to this point. At the end of August John emailed me that he had just won PRO E.T at Route 66 Raceway in his 1970 GTX. John won seven rounds out of a field of nearly 100 cars. His limelite GTX ran 10.11-10.16 all day. At the track website for 8-20-05 one can see a winner’s circle picture in the photo section and John’s name as winner on the final rounds results. Way to go, John!
Late breaking news as of January 30, 2006, John emailed that in mid-November he went to US41 in Morrocco, Indiana to do someoff season testing with new tires and a couple of light weight parts and ran a best of 9.816 at almost 134mph!! John writes: "Over the winter we hope to shed a few more pounds and dip into the 9.70's in the spring".

This is the winner's circle picture taken on 8-20-2005. John, in the racing jacket, is standing by his wife, Linda, who is his crewchief. The other person is his partner and transmission builder, Keith Long, known as the 727 Specialist.

(February 2006)

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